f***ing high!

You can’t miss this one. The Fly Travel Club is launching the first NFT collection of 10,000 FLYs that grant you exclusive access to thousands of travel experiences around the world.


We are sexy and we know it

The Fly Travel Club is a community of travel lovers. It’s also a collection of 10.000 exclusive and randomized NFTs living in the Solana Blockchain.

The project’s main goal is to bring together the travel industry, the world of NFTs and the metaverse.

As a FLY NFT holder you become a member of the club and all its benefits.

Join our amazing community!


Real world travel experiences

Corona has left us craving some good travel experiences. It’s time you got your ass up the sofa.

As holder of one of our FLYs you will have exclusive access to our NFT Marketplace, where you will find amazing experiences around the world with crazy discounts on our own travel agency.

It’s no just trips, it’s NFTs! You can buy and resell activities, luxury cruises and much more at crazy prices!


Weekly raffle - We crazy AF!

Would you like to dive in Hawaii? Take a balloon ride to the stratosphere? A safari through South Africa?

When the mining of all FLYs is complete we will launch "The Fly Raffle". Every holder will get a participation ticket, the more FLYs you have, the more opportunities of winning!

These tickets will give you access to a weekly raffle on incredible adventures and trips around the world.


Tesla raffle

Our community is our priority, that is why the moment all NFTs have been minted, an incredible Tesla model S will be raffled among all holders.

The more FLYs you hold, the more chances of winning you have.

See yourself driving this beast? 🔥


Liquidity pool

We are going to allocate 50% of all sales and 60% of all royalties to create "THE FLY LIQUIDITY POOL & INVESTMENTS".

The funds will be allocated to different liquidity pools and investments such as the purchase of other NFTs. Maybe a Bored Ape? 🤔

Most of the profits will be used to distribute them among our community. And the rest will be reinvested.

Your FLY will not only have a real utility but they will also be your best asset!


3D FLYs Invasion

We are going to distribute the new collection of The Fly Travel Club 3D to all our Holders.

- You will have your FLY NFT in 3D.
- You can use it for animations and 3D videos
- You can upload it as a 3D avatar

We enter the metaverse!


The Fly Game

Our first step into the metaverse will be "The Fly Game".

An arcade and action game where you will earn real income of our future currency "FLY".

Check this out! You will also be able to use FLY to buy trips, cruises , travel experiences, and much more in our Marketplace.


  • Mid-Q3 2022

    1st pre-sale of 1000 NFTs (whitelist)

    After launching our Instagram and Discord, we will offer several opportunities to join the whitelist and become one of the first members of The Fly Travel Club.

  • Mid-Q3 2022

    After first pre-sale:

    • – We begin the development of our NFT travel marketplace
    • – We allocate 40% of total sales to start “The Fly Club Liquidity Pool & Investments”
    • – 10% of total sales in a pool for NGOs
    • – We open our clothing and merchandising store with exclusive content and discounts for holders

  • End of Q3 2022

    2nd pre-sale of 2000 NFTs (whitelist)

    If you missed the first pre-sale, this is your chance to get your exclusive FLY.

  • Q3 2022

    After second pre-sale:

    • – We put another 40% of total sales in the Liquidity Pool & Investments
    • – We put 10% of total sales in a Pool for NGOs
    • – We are halfway on the creation of our marketplace
    • – Raffle of 8 travel experiences for our holders

  • Beginning Q4 2022

    Public sale

    The remaining FLYs will be finally available to the public. We do recommend you are already in possession of your FLY nft, they will literally fly 😉

  • Q4 2022

    After public sale:

    • – We put another 40% of total sales in the Liquidity Pool & Investments
    • – We put 10% of total sales in a Pool for NGOs
    • – Launch our NFT Travel Marketplace for our holders!
    • – We send “Travel Experiences Tickets”
    • – We begin the weekly Travel Experiences raffle (as soon as all FLYs are minted)
    • – We raffle a Tesla Model S and ship it to anywhere in the world!
    • – Distribution of the mutation serum for FLY nft
    • – 3D FLYs distribution



Liquidity Pool & Invesments
Company, Dev, Marketing & Innovations
Treasury for trips


Rewards for the liquidity pool & investments

Company, Dev, Marketing & Innovations
Treasury for trips
Redelegate rewards in pool


Human beings have f*cked up the world, there is that. Soooo how about we help mend some of the damaged caused?

Our animal friends are the ones suffering the most from the effects of climate change, the deforestation of their natural habitats, plastics contaminating their food and global warming disrupting their lives.

We are highly aware of this situation and that is why our mascot being a fly isn't just a coincidence.

We will be donating 10% of all profits to different organizations working on biodiversity preservation and animal rights.


Our first presale is yet TBA. To win a spot in the whitelist, join our discord community!

You will be able to buy a FLY on our minting site (that will see the light during the first pre-sale) or in the secondary market (OpenSea).

Our main priority is to care for and reward our community, which is why a large part of the sales is going to giveaways: the Tesla raffle and the weekly raffles. In addition, part of the profits generated in “THE FLY LIQUIDITY POOL & INVESTMENTS”, as well as royalties and sales from our marketplace will be destined to the community.

The Travel Experiences are exclusive trips designed for you to enjoy life like never before. Each experience will be different: trips to cities around the world, adventures, luxury cruises, resorts in paradisiacal beaches, and much more!

Access to the presales will be limited. You will be able to gain access by reaching certain roles in our Discord, participating in contests and giveaways on our social media. So join and don’t miss a thing!

Easy! Becoming a member of The Fly Travel Club by owning a FLY NFT. Being a member of our club entitles you to all this incredible benefits.




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